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Food = Future Of Organic Downloading

Food = Future Of Organic Downloading

By: Kalik Scientific

The human body is an organic robot capable of self programming. As the spiritual operator we are capable of upgrading or downgrading our operating system through the mental, emotional and physical foods we consume. The brain is the computer chip and the heart is the battery. Every component of our system has a genetic memory including our emotional reflexes. It is important that we feed ourselves the best quality food because every meal is a program and digestion is a form of downloading. Foods such as meats, dairy and starches are difficult for us t process and they begin to slow down our operating system. Our system has been designed to function on living natural foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The food itself is only the carrier of information.


This information or data is the Divine Author Transferring Awareness. It is this data contained within the living plants that physically connects our bodily vessel to the mother ship we call earth. The earth is the motherboard and the sun is the central computer that charges our life force battery. What we program into our bodies results in our natural reactions to external stimuli as a computer can only respond based on its core programming regardless of the request that you type into the keyboard. Therefore it is of great importance for us to restore our system to its original specifications by consuming natural foods so that our bodies will operate at their full capacity. There is a consciousness in the water that programs our emotional reactions. There are intelligent messages in the air that carries intellectual programming. All of them are different forms of food we need to consume to sustain life. Our living planet is a part of a larger system so it receives upgrades and different signals on a regular basis containing valuable information that it seeks to transmit to us through the food from its soil. We become out of tune as a result of eating processed, overcooked and chemical foods. Nature’s message becomes lost in translation after the food becomes genetically altered. As a result our bodies never receive the message ad being intelligent we adapt to the artificial language of unnatural foods. Every peach, apple, banana, coconut and avocado contains a different command. Every piece of Kale, Spinach, and arugula carries a unique message based on its composition and the location and time it was planted and harvested as well as the energy of whoever’s hands if any aided in that process.


The delicacy and complexity of nature is perfect and should be appreciated and taken full advantage of instead of being exploited and manipulated. When people eat the flesh of an animal that has been brutally slaughtered they are downloading the genetic memory of its pain and suffering into their system. When people are acting out of order it is a result of eating out of order. We act how we are programmed to perform. We have downloaded viruses into our system and passed them on to our children. It is now time for understanding and correction for we have the ability to repair ourselves by cleaning our hard drive of all corrupt data and antiquated programs. The information we read the programs we watch and the conversations we have are all forms of eating and downloading information. In time it will once again be evident that there is no technology greater than our own nature.




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