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#PodcastWednesdays S2, E8 – #FLAVE w/@BonesHR @AshleyL_ @Flave_Vision @VisaHR

#PodcastWednesdays S2, E8 – #FLAVE w/@BonesHR @AshleyL_ @Flave_Vision @VisaHR

Yo yo yo yo yo yo…unh yo…unh yo…yo yo… Remember when everybody’s rap used to start like that? Yes you do. #PodcastWednesdays doesnt rap. Lucky you.

This week we were joined by Bones Jones (@BonesHR) of Hustler Records ( . This week’s title was inspired by our other esteemed guest, Queen Ashley Thomas of (& everything else). She uttered two quotes that stuck with us, one of which you will hear on the podcast & the second is above and is also the meaning to the acronym F.L.A.V.E. – Flawed Leaders Are Visionary Extraordinaires.


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Topics Discussed: Ducking Jehovah’s Witnesses  |  Not answering phone calls (#AllTextEverything)  | A dying baby’s bucket list  |  The meaning of F.L.A.V.E.  | ” Fake Busy”  |  |  The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal  |  Brian McKnight Vs R. Kelly  |  Would you let the gay Boy Scout leader around your son?  |  Does the NFL draft even matter  |  Russell Brand in Parliament  |  New Segment Alert: #StupidNews   |  #WhiteTwitter Vs. #N*ggaTwitter  |

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This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Bones – Bottle Service

2. Chief Keef – I Dont Like Remix Feat Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean & Jadakiss

3. Bones –  Nino Brown

4. **Bonus** Brian McKnight – Ready To Learn

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  1. September 14th, 2012 20:43

    Just heard the Podcast Wednesday S3, Ep. 5 that featured me as one of the guests the other day. Great! Thanks for the opportunity to share Bill’s story along with some insights about writing and self-publishing. And I also appreciate linking to the website. I had fun, even though I was 30 years older than you guys. OK, maybe 20.

    Thanks again.


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