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@BarackObama on Jimmy Fallon + Why He Was Really There [Video]

@BarackObama on Jimmy Fallon + Why He Was Really There [Video]

This was an interesting PR move… but funny nonetheless… A VNR at its finest.

A desperate White House is pulling out all the stops this week, a sign of things to come for the next 6 months. It’s not just about the dumbing down of politics, as it is the further dumbing down of our national conversation.

The White House took over comedian Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show last night, in order to push its latest sound-bite policy propaganda, in the hopes of securing student votes. Obama was fawned by a crowd of 8,000 students at the University of North Carolina. This effort will be followed-up on Friday, as the White House has also organized Obama’s image on the cover of trendy Rolling Stone Magazine.

Failing in the polls, the White House has opted for the lowest common entertainment denominator – a cynical ploy to make America’s student-debt-ridden youth feel like they have a stake in the 2012 election, or to put it in trendy White House terms – to make them believe they have ‘some skin in the game’.

Jimmy Fallon billed Obama’s speech as a “Slow Jam with the President”, with his band playing smooth R&B in the background of his ‘low interest’ student loan pitch. Upon close examination however, it seems that Obama’s student policies are a series of lies, stacked on top of other lies. The President starts off with a standard propaganda line:

“What we said is simple: now is not the time to make school more expense for our young people.

There’s only one problem with his grand sweeping statement – college tuition rates have been skyrocketing in recent years and that phenomenon has been a direct result of federal government pushing unlimited student loans, and pumping-up federal student entitlement money – a move that colleges admit has enabled them to raise tuition some 25% in the last 3 years. Research shows that the expansion of the grants and other federal aid has a counterproductive effect — giving colleges and universities a green light to soak-up the gains by increasing their tuition and other costs.

The net result of the Obama government’s interference in the college tuition market means that American students are now saddled with an average of nearly $30,000 in debts plus interest. In the last 12 years, college tuition in the US has risen by a staggering 900%.

For the bright, young, and gifted, these economic realities should really be studied very carefully before they sign their life away on the dotted line.

Students can now expect to be repaying their debt load off until they are at least 45 years of ageleaving many practical minds to wonder why as there is such a long queue of 17 year olds dying to sign their life away to JP Morgan, Citi Bank and Wells Fargo in exchange for, in many cases, upwards of $60-$120K in student loans.

Although Obama and Fallon’s performance might seem entertaining to some, the reality remains: there are no jobs for graduates in the United States right now. And tuition prices are still rising, a fact which will not change if the Obama Administration continues its inflationary, market fixing policies.

Of course, comedy host Jimmy Fallon has no idea about the economics of student loans, he is simply capitalizing on a great media opportunity to have the President on his show.

Fallon’s stage sidekick continues to dumb-down the subject, putting Obama’s convoluted political pitch to lyrics by singing:

“If Congress doesn’t act it’s the students who will pay, the right and left should join on this like Kim and Kanye…”

This, alluding to reality TV’s latest celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and pop rapper Kanye West.

But they’re not just dumbing-down the conversation, and dividing society along youth cultural lines. They are invoking class warfare talking points. Using the techniques of his mentor Saul Alinsky, President Obama goes on to divide by both party and class lines by stating:

“They (Republicans) say we should be doing everything we can to pay down the national debt – so long as it doesn’t include taxing billionaires.”

Here we have Obama simply encouraging students to do what the federal government has been doing with its massive debt – just kick the can down the road – and worry about their mountain of debt… later.

Nonetheless, comedian Fallon supports the Obama’s new-found election run communication technique of talking down to his student audience, an overall presentation which can only be described as patronizing.

Here, students who are content to be entertained – but not actually informed, would do themselves a favor to take a closer look at the system which has made them the new ‘higher-ed mortgage’ debt holderswhere graduates are effectively defeated before they even get started.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, there is only one job available for every five college graduates in America. Fancy those odds? This means the best chances for employment in America is still a position under the Golden Arches.

The national economic outlook is far worse. According to the Seattle Times:

Student-loan debt has reached about $870 billion, exceeding credit cards and auto loans, and balances are expected to continue climbing, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said last month…

“Student debt poses a large and growing threat to the stability of our economy,” Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan testified March 20 before a U.S. Senate judiciary subcommittee hearing on the looming crisis.

Here are the real facts, and what Obama did not tell you about those student loans:


More interestingly, however, is when Obama makes another class-wartime-pitch, claiming:

“Michelle and I, we’ve been in your shoes,” he said. “We didn’t come from wealthy families. When we graduated from college and law school, we had a mountain of debt.”

The President’s impressive claim attempts to give him “street cred” with America’s under classes, but it comes following the recent discovery that not only was Obama close family friends with convicted Weather Underground terrorist (and suspected federal informant) Bill Ayers’ family, but the Ayers had also paid for foreign student Obama’s pricey post grad tuition at Harvard, according the eye witness testimony of retired US Postal worker Alan Hulton. WND reported:

“He told me he had taken the train out from Chicago and had come to thank the Ayers family personally for having helped him with his education.”

Of course, there are millions of American who would very much like to see these alleged student loan applications and records which Obama claims to have, but unfortunately, no one is allowed to see them.

The fact of the matter remains that Obama’s true identity and college records have all been sealed by executive order – his first act as President. Executive Order 13489 entitled “Presidential Records”, was signed on January 21, 2009, a act which uses the power of the executive branch to seal by law – and away from public view, all of the President’s historical documents.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the only reason someone would rush to pass this as their first law – is because he has much to hide from America’s public view.

After all the hype of Obama’s latest vote-collecting stunt dies down, students should pay close attention to this: 

When you are finished with all the beers, drugs, sports, parties, games, sex, and find yourself 80K in the hole(plus interest), with little chance of landing a job after four years – you will most likely be competing for lower level jobs, against seemingly ‘uncool’ debt-free people who never graduated from university.



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