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#PodcastWednesdays – S2,E3 #WonderWomen w/@GottaLove_MJ @Elle__Tee & @UnstoppableMoE

#PodcastWednesdays – S2,E3 #WonderWomen w/@GottaLove_MJ @Elle__Tee & @UnstoppableMoE

Curious about the title? You think we’re sexist don’t you? Well you couldnt be more wrong. At #PodcastWednesdays, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our shows our range of guests. Our guests for today’s episode of #PodcastWednesdays, Mwanamke Jordan (@Gottalove_MJ) , Monique Anderson (@UnstoppableMoe) & Latiayanna Tabb (@Elle__Tee) are three beautiful intelligent young professional Queens in male dominated industries who have excelled in their fields to rise above their male counterparts. Their stories aren’t as simple as you may think…

Topics Discussed:Mwanamke’s rise to power  |  Naijenal Spice  |  When you gotta pee,  you gotta pee  |  How Latiayanna overcame university adversity  |  FBI Issues Warrant To Google To Unlock A Pimp’s Android Phone  |  Monique is NOT your average hood chick  |  friend & family support vs stranger support  |   Spit’s apology to Irish people  |  No small talk for LT  |  The disconnect between teacher & student  |  Jada Williams persecuted for Fredrick Douglas speech  |  Tyler Perry’s time traveling  |  Police make student login to her facebook  |  FML storiessssssss….

BONUS: We introduce a new segment this week #FaceFromTheStreets with #MBMMC recording artist Face Off giving us “live” reports from random places around the world galaxy.


 This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. @ChillMoody – #BOMBS

2. @KendrickLamar – The City (Minus Game)

3. @TheRealSwizz Feat @_ASAProcky – Street Knock

4. @bobatl Feat Andre3000 – Play The Guitar

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I Am Not A Rapper Presents: #PodcastWednesdays is more than your average podcast. It consists of 5 diverse individuals & random special guests who cover current events with topical humor, discuss social issues with vigor, go on seemingly never ending tangents & leave you wanting more every week. Click to see what all the hype is all about...

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