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By Blaming Another, Ex-Cop Shot Himself In The Foot

By Blaming Another, Ex-Cop Shot Himself In The Foot
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SINCE CLAIMING last year that a black man had shot him in the shoulder, things just haven’t gone well for former Philadelphia police Sgt. Robert Ralston.

A little more than a month after the Overbrook shooting, the presumed hero became the department’s goat when he cracked under questioning and confessed that he had flat-out lied.

Ralston, 47, who is white, shot himself with his service weapon, possibly in a bid to get transferred, an embarrassed police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced May 11, 2010, the day of the confession.

“It’s not a good time for us,” Ramsey said. “It’s embarrassing.”

Ralston, of Comly Road in the far Northeast, was allowed to resign without being criminally charged in exchange for the confession, District Attorney Seth Williams said at the time.

But the Police Department is not finished with him.

On Tuesday, the department filed a civil suit against Ralston seeking $11,203.09, plus unspecified punitive damages, court costs and attorney’s fees.

The department is asking for $4,887.95 to recoup the salary he was paid from the April 5, 2010, shooting to the time he confessed; and $6,315.14, is being sought to recover the medical expenses the department paid as a result of the shooting.

“Defendant Robert Ralston has no lawful justification for accepting monies equaling his full salary and benefits during a period of time that he was injured, when he knew at all times that his injury was self-inflicted,” reads the suit, filed on behalf of the department by city law firm of Kelly, Monaco and Naples.

“This is probably a first-ever move by the city to recover medical benefits,” said a city official who asked not to be named.

The suit accuses Ralston, who is married and a father of five, of conversion, fraud and unjust enrichment, and asks for unspecified punitive damages because his actions were “so outrageous and egregious.”

The phone number listed in the suit for Ralston’s Comly Road home was disconnected.

There is one bright spot for Ralston: As of April 23, he began receiving monthly pension payments.

Because the ex-cop was not convicted of a crime, he is eligible to pocket $2,177.26 a month, said Francis Bielli, executive director of the city‘s Board of Pensions and Retirement.

“The operative word for us is, ‘if someone is convicted of an offense,’ ” Bielli said. “That’s pursuant to state law.”


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    By Blaming Another, Ex-Cop Shot Himself In The Foot


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