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Natural Food Remedies for Body Odor

Natural Food Remedies for Body Odor

Not all cultures are as obsessed with body odor as we are in the West. With the hazards of anti-persperants becoming more widely known, safe alternatives are needed. Here are some from your kitchen.

Baking Soda: Mix one part baking soda to two parts corn or rice starch. Add a herb or fragrance of your choice, if desired. Sprinkle the mixture on your armpits after your shower to offer odor protection.

Vinegar: White or apple cider vinegar works well as a deterrent to body odor. Mix the vinegar with a bit of water and dab on skin. Dont worry – the vinegar smell will disappear in about ten minutes.

Cucumber: Cut a cucumber into quarters and wash the underarm area with the vegetable, letting the skin air dry. cucumbers are high in magnesium, which is said to help stop body odor.

Radish: Juice a few bunches of radishes or run them through a food processor/blender and strain through cheesecloth. Store in a jar in the fridge. When needed, dab onto underarms as a deodorant.

Vodka or Everclear: One may find relief by pouring the alcohol into a spray bottle and misting the odorous areas.


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