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West Philly Community Clean-Up October 1st, 2011

West Philly Community Clean-Up October 1st, 2011


West Philly community clean up day is October first… I’ll let Sister Betty tell it… 

Hey Family & Friends!
Me again! I need a favor!
I volunteer with Philadelphia Community Corps/United Philly as their Neighborhood Clean Up Coordinator. My job is to scout locations and take requests from our community for clean ups and to organize the clean up from beginning to end.

My first clean up is scheduled for Saturday, October 1, 2011 at S 53rd & Delancey Street (Between Pine & Spruce). The time is from 10 am to 4pm, and the block is a small, with older reesidents (senior citizens) and they want help cleaning their block. We’ll be providing the supplies, etc.

All we need you to do is volunteer your time, even if it’s just an hour. The more people the better and it always feels good to give back!

If you are busy that day and can’t help, can you please forward this email someone who think may be interested? Or if you could just post/share the attached flyer that would be great.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,



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