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Danegurous – Third Eye View – Gods & Kings

Danegurous – Third Eye View – Gods & Kings


We’re all godz and kingz we all rise and fall/ if our time is now then we fight for all/ use your minds and think let us rise beyond/ if you like to sing
then help me write this song/

protective custody for any punk that fucks with me/
we aint alike
we dont stand for the same shit/ i keep it raw rappin raps in my basement/
ima a shark in that tank sharpen ya shank/ and on the day i die you can char the remains/spark up the dank up to the bar for a drank/ my bars are a lethal weapons scar ya beat ya head in/ we aint far from armageddon peace my bretheren/ eleven eleven descendents of heaven/ are here to help us…ametuers of planet earth/can it work? damn it hurts/ to see her in a state of shock policia invade ya spot/ it aint about you and me its bout our childrens children/ villains killin up a village another pilgrim/ murder the natives and move in home invasion/ just the same as the masons that stole this nation/

im the whole most wanted list your pocohantes bitch/vocal dominance approaching apacolypse/ im apacolyptic did you not just listen/this was the propisition glocks or props in prison/ or be a profit spittin equipped with lots of wisdom/ how can we achieve unity with constant dissin/ constant bitchin bout the problems but wont solve em/ close call kid my father was an alcoholic/ real talkin cuz i might be one too/peek a boo boo! the truth is out there/ underground down stairs in my safe an sound lair/ remember that you heard it from D word it perfect/first to 3rd person thirst for herbs urgent/ word searchin I got weed thatll smoke you/no you didnt do what they thought you did/ i broke free of the chains sir yes i did/

Im torn between a god and a king badabing/ im accomplishing something you could never do/fulfilled my dream even makin some revenue/ as long as its left up to me i will wreck a booth/respect is due this sespools infecting you/
unacceptable the truth inexcessable/ but with this razer out i might just raise a brow/ raised up south ill take the vow to take em out/break it down to mollecular levels/ add the bass and the treble rebel raised off of metal/(yeah) real concious shit dont care bout your chain or bezzle/pay the devil off quick with this weight i peddle/nothin excessive but nothin to mess wit/ are you greater or less than an emcee you meth head/ you were breast fed handed everything you got/take a shot you wanna battle betta bring ya block/ink will jot across the page fore you drink a drop/with infinite conciousness im breachin reality/get beatin in the streets like police brutality/majestic 12 majestys writin the script/ aint no ice on my wrist im just feisty as a bitch/ light me a spliff and start recitin my shit/then look up to the sky and see em fly in their ships/ lifes a twist thats the sign of the shift/


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