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You’re A Hater! By: TheSweetestPeach

You’re A Hater! By: TheSweetestPeach
0 comments, 12/07/2011, by , in General

Once upon a time an opinion was . . . well, an opinion. At least that’s how older folk make it seem. Now it seems to be broken down like this:
Negative opinion = hatin’
Positive opinion = an opinion
The phrase ” you’re a hater ” is overused and also annoying. Yea, yea, yea, it’s “slang” and I get that part but it’s very hard to have an opinion about someone else and not be looked at as a hater – that is if the comment made was negative. I can’t say I am a technical person with everything I say and/or do but this phrase has been run into the ground and frankly ; I’m sick of it ( kevin hart voice ). Let me tell you what a hater really is, a hater is someone that can’t give another person a compliment even if their life depended on it. We all have that one person we know, some may have more, that just itches to have some sort of negative comment but never seems to be able to give out a positive one. If you don’t like how someone is dressed you’re a hater, if you don’t like how someone looks and other’s feel differently – you’re a hater. The list goes on and on but to me its all a bunch of nonsense. A hater (in my eyes) is someone that doesn’t want to see you happy, doesn’t want you to have nice things, doesn’t want you to be better at what they do, someone that goes out of their way to get in your business just to have something negative to say, someone who talks nice to your face then turns around and bashes your name – now that’s a hater. If someone makes a comment about an outfit a girl has on and the girl is attractive it’s being a hater, now if the chic is unattractive (and everyone agrees) everyone will chime in on what she is wearing or how she looks. My question is why can’t a person not like what someone else is wearing? Should everyone not have an opinion, just keep it to yourself? No, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we all hear things we don’t want or even may not care to hear but that’s apart of being able to have a voice and the capability to express how you feel. Don’t get it twisted, there are times a person is really being a hater but let’s understand that sometimes it’s just an opinion.

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