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G.a.g.e. Money – Dont F*ck With Me Feat DMX (R.I.P. King)

G.a.g.e. Money – Dont F*ck With Me Feat DMX (R.I.P. King)

DONT FUCK WITH ME FEAT DMX from Ampm Films on Vimeo.

Gage buries his dog king starring DMX

I first met King in Atlanta at my homie Gage’s old crib in ATL. King sniffed me for 5 mins then got in an attack stance. He didn’t like me very much then and I probably smelled like airport fast food after having just landed, so I dotn blame him. The next meaningful encounter I remember is when he tackled me coming up the front steps to my house… judging by the fact that he didn’t eat me on the spot, I assumed he liked me. King was not your average dog, he was like a person in a dogs body. He had keen senses & was a quick thinker (contrary to the popular belief that dogs are unintelligent) If Gage liked you, King liked you (mostly) but if Gage didn’t like you, King would tear into that *ss something fierce (many smokers can attest to this fact).
I got a call the other day from Gage and was notified of the unexpected passing of King. I felt like a close family member had died. While I have a different overstanding of death than most people, my initial reaction was still the same as the heaven chasers. It was one of instant shock and I could feel my homies pain through the phone. Having lost a dog myself once when I was younger I could semi relate to his pain but losing King wasn’t the equivalent of losing a dog, that was the equivalent of losing a brother. Gage & King grew up together from boyhood into manhood & were inseparable until Kings untimely demise this past Friday. We lost a loyal soldier in King that will be dearly missed.
We always wait until times of misfortune to say this but always remember to cherish those around you because you really don’t know when you might just lose…everything


The King is dead… Long live the King



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