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The Assata’s Daughters Project

The Assata’s Daughters Project

Iresha Picot and Natasha Butler, Assata’s Daughters, come together to build a collection of work for Black Women, by Black Women, in the name of our Revolutionary Warrior Mama, Assata Shakur.

In a 1978 article in the Black Scholar, Assata Shakur stated that for Black Women, it is of the greatest importance of organizing our own collectives because it is “imperative to our struggle that we build a strong black women’s movement… [to] talk about the experiences that shaped us; that we assess our strengths and weaknesses and define our own history….we need Black Woman’s medicines to give us strength to fight and the drive to win. Under the guidance of Harriet Tubman and Fannie Lou Hamer and all of our foremothers, let us rebuild a sense of community. Let us rebuild the culture of giving and carry on the tradition of fierce determination to move on closer to freedom.”—Assata Shakur

We seek to carry out what Assata beckoned Sistas to do—building a collective addressing the needs, concerns, and creativity of Black Women. This will be done through multimedia-based projects, ground level outreach and local events.
Continue to check back as we develop and move forward in the spirit and work of Assata Shakur.

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