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Oscar Grant Killer To Be Released Today

Oscar Grant Killer To Be Released Today

Killer Mike goes in on behalf of the disenfranchised in “Burn.” The video features Cameos from Oscar Grant’s friends & family, Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Curren$y, Roach Gigz, Mistah FAB, Philthy Rich, Cool Kids and more

Ex-BART cop & murderer Johannes Meherle will be released today. Meherle was sentenced to two years in prison for shooting and killing Oscar Grant, an unarmed man lying face down on a BART train platform at the time of the shooting. The shooting and light sentence drew major protests throughout the country. Mehserle has been in custody at Los Angeles County Jail since being convicted July 8, and is eligible for release with credit for “good time,” which is time served before his trial. Prisoners are awarded one day for every day spent behind bars.

According to Henry K. Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle, Grant’s uncle Cephus Johnson said of the release:

“Of course it’s painful,” said Johnson, 53, who lives in San Jose. “We knew it was coming one day. But as it approached, there were more sleepless nights.”He called Mehserle’s release a reflection of “the total injustice that we received.” Johnson said he and other family members plan to be in Los Angeles over the weekend and on Monday to protest.

No words.


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  1. end times
    June 14th, 2011 10:58

    Wake Up

    I really do not understand how sheeple react to death, and clearly injustice. Oscar Grant was shot in the back, period. Cold blooded. Cop lied saying he saw a gun, and then mistook a tazer.

    Next, the police lied, and killed a little girl, Aiyana Jones, with no care in Detroit. First the little girl was lit up with a incendiary device, and then shot from outside. The police lied about this, and it would have been interesting if the video crew were not there to see them lie like usual.

    The disregard for safety because these people are poor or black. We are the same people, and 1% DNA different from a chimp. Still there should be an eye for an eye, to quote the bible. In old wild west movies, people got revenge and killed those that killed their loved ones. The police have snipers, and so do the supposed villains. You have people with high powered rifles that shoot from huge 1 mile distances, and are never found. One example is the DC sniper. In other words, anybody can kill anybody else right or wrong, and yet there are many that don’t exercise your right to bear arms, or get revenge for the wrongs done to them. What do people have to lose anymore. I am really trying to understand this world, so please tell me what I am missing.

    Look at those that have been wrongfully accused and sentenced for 30 plus years, and then are released. Their lives are over, and they do nothing. Psychologically there should be reactions from going postal to running away from the US after winning a hefty settlement. Instead they stay here afraid and allow the system to keep them beat down. They cannot even find jobs even though they are innocent because they are part of the system, ridiculous. Keep marching and protesting America, those that are in power are really listening to you.

    Now I am not condoning violence here, but I am tired of bloggers just talking their problems to death. You never do anything. What about when killers like Columbine happened. Why did none of the parents go after the parents when they lost their children. Why is not everyone armed, and if police or anyone tries to infringe on your rights in the name of whatever you make them think twice even if you have to die in a shootout. Why do some people own guns, but never fully practice with them. If you do not even the playing field, or at least protect yourself, you deserve to die like rats. We all have the right to bear arms, and you need to start protecting yourselves. If cops do not fear your, they will keep abusing you.

    At least cost your corrupt city money until it goes bankrupt, or each election vote to remove police, politicians and city workers. You could even vote that they have no firearms. Wow, corrupt cops without guns what a concept. If they want the job, they can take it or leave it. There is no reason that police cannot use non-lethals, and take their toys away. It is your city. Force your police to have cameras on them 24-7, and do cop watches of police until they are cleaned up. It is a coward who goes into a profession to bully people. It is also ungodly to treat another human being like you are playing a video game.

    You people need to really start thinking for yourself. I am leaving this country since we are laughing stock of the world with the highest prison rate in the world. Economy is shot. Our government is lying from Osama Bin Laden to the Fed. I really do not care anymore who inherits this God Forsaken America.

    Aside from how pissed off I am, my heart truly goes out to the family of the little girl, and I saw the grandmother crying her heart out. She definitely wanted revenge, and I am sure this tragedy will destroy what life she had left. I also feel bad for the family of Oscar Grant.



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