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This Jimi Hendrix poster was made from 5000 guitar picks


 I don’t even know where to begin; I guess I’ll start by stating this: I’m not really into awards and accolades, only because I feel that the work I have put in validates itself. While much appreciated, from my perspective there isn’t a need for outside kudos. (Though, I do enjoy all of your tweets, facebook messages, texts & emails)

Anywho, I’m told that this is a benchmark in time that I should wholeheartedly acknowledge and be proud of so…Here we are. 5000 in (& counting). A lot of websites don’t make it to 5000 posts. So I am thankful we’ve mad it thus far… Honestly, I’m just happy to be here… I know that sounds cliche and unlike me, but that’s the simple way of putting it. More than that, I’m glad that people are still reading and educating themselves while enjoying good music without consequences (No Kanye…even though that would’ve made an excellent popshot) and allowing me to provide the means for such. I dont consider myself a blogger, I’m just a being with an opinion that happens to be common amongst the underground overstanders & thinkers. So I write/post articles that I feel are relevant to current conditions surrounding my core demographic… Which is EVERYBODY!

I can be very cynical & sarcastic at times but its all in good fun (or not). So it shouldn’t be taken that seriously (read as: it should be taken VERY seriously) when I write about people you like. Whether it be your favorite artist, movie star, basketball players, “cross dressing” movie director, or “alien looking” ex-television host, I don’t attack people who I feel don’t deserve it. Take your precious “Officer Bawse” aka Rick Ross for instance; I know Rick Ross is the hottest rapper in the game right now (which DOES NOT mean the best lyricist) so for his business acumen and time spent to get where he is today, I should show him a proper amount of respect, correct? Right? WRONG! Just because I respect your business sense doesn’t mean I automatically have to like/respect your music. (i.e. 50 Cent) It also doesn’t mean I have to forget your true past, the fact that he has blatantly stolen his name from a living person and bask in this fantasy world he has created for yourself. I wont make the exception for Lady Gaga, and Rick Ross isnt any different. What’s fake is fake and what’s real is real, which brings me to my next point about integrity.

One thing we pride ourselves on here is truth. Above all else, we seperate whats real from whats fake as to not confuse the reader. Our words can be misconstrued but our intentions remain the same. As Al Pacino said in the movie Scarface “You need people like me…so you can point your f*ckin fingers, and say ‘that’s the bad guy’!!”. That’s how we feel and we have no problem being the “bad guy” for the greater good. The state that hip hop is in needs holes to be shot into it verbally (not physically) because if you don’t test your armour yourself before battle to see if its bulletproof; then when someone else shoots you and the armour doesn’t uphold, you only have yourself to blame. We’ve seen this scenario play itself out most recently with this Common VS. Fox News debacle. Why did Jon Stewart have to standup for hip-hop? We were here,  where were YOU?

Before I end this, I do need to extend a major thank you (shout out) to my loyal, dedicated, hard working team. It took a village to raise this baby here. Mr Eric Blair, The Sweetest Peach, Ms Hueyette Freeman, Ms VenusVsMars, Ms Starboxx, & last but certainly not least Ms Freshica.

Without the people I named above, I couldn’t have gotten to this point.

Soooo enough about us, lets hear about what you guys think of us. See you at 100,000…





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