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Meet the Billionaires Who Tweet

Meet the Billionaires Who Tweet

By Forbes’ latest count, there are 1,210 billionaires in the world. There are well less than that on Twitter. Let’s take a look at the billionaires who are tweeting with some selected tweets:

Bill Gates (@BillGates). No surprise the technology billionaire and world’s second richest man with a $56 billion fortune, is on Twitter.

  • Best recent tweet: Eradicating Polio-– putting excerpts from my letter on GatesNotes and am looking forward to seeing your comments… (A link to his interesting essay on eradticating polio on Feb 16)
  • Most incomprehensible (to me anyway): 阅读我的2011年度信:我对于解决小儿麻痹症的看法,乐观的理由及更多. (February 9. Apparently a translation of one of his letters)
  • Proof even billionaires have too much free time: I’m guessing not much tweeting has been done from Antarctica – some research stations now have good satellite connections to the Internet. (Feb. 25 2010)

Steve Case (@SteveCase). AOL founder likes to tweet. A lot – 20 on Monday alone.

  • Most interesting recent tweet: : ) RT @scottymoss: Met my wife on the original social network (AOL) 16 years ago. @SteveCase Thank you. (March 28)
  • Best use of hashtags by a billionaire: Time for sequel to AOL-Time Warner? (WSJ) “The technology wasn’t ready yet…now it is”#ithinkilljustshootmyself (March 29)
  • Proof even billionaires can’t resist the annoying habit of tweeting quotes by famous people: Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” – Martin Luther King, Jr. (March 29)

Pierre Omidyar (@pierre). Ebay founder. Spartan Tweeter. One so far in 2011

  • Way to keep that money from isolating you tweet: Hello, Big Apple! (I hope they still call it that.) #cgi2010 (Sept 19)
  • Even  billionaires name drop: Just met Wolf Blitzer today. Having been in both, his Situation Room is a lot fancier than the White House’s. (June 14)

Eric Schmidt (@EricSchmidt): Google Executive Chairman.

  • Best ‘I’ve got a new job’ tweet: Day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed! (Jan 20)
  • Most insightful tweet: Surprisingly interesting on Leadership and solitude and thinking: (July 7)

Richard Branson (@richardbranson). World’s richest Virgin.

Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah). Do I really need to explain?

  • Most interesting recent tweet: I get so sick of people trying to create fights and feuds when women are in business. Don’t buy into it. (Feb 23)
  • Would you have changed something if I tweeted back? What do you think of the episode so far? #OprahLiveTweet (March 27)
  • It insults the Aborigines if you climb it, but maybe not if you did OprahThe sunset at Uluru was breathtaking#OprahLiveTweet (March 27)

Mark Cuban (@mcuban). Dotcom billionaire, TV star and Dallas Mavericks owner

  • The ‘I’m heir to Donald Trump‘ tweet: There is no way you can watch#sharktank and not believe that the American Dream is alive and well..#LOVETHISCOUNTRY
  • The ‘I’m heir to Henry F. Potter’ tweet: Sending someone an email every day is not persistence, its laziness #loser
  • The ‘I have an assistant who tweets for me’ tweet: Mark Cuban Shoots Straight (Feb 16)

Surely I’ve missed some of the billionaires on Twitter. If so let me know below or send an email. And I’m on Twitter too!


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