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FBI Documents On Notorious B.I.G. Murder Reveal Rare German Ammunition Used

FBI Documents On Notorious B.I.G. Murder Reveal Rare German Ammunition Used

Records of an FBI probe into the unsolved case of Biggie’s murder appear in The Vault including information about the the way the New York emcee was killed in Los Angeles. It seems he was shot with a German-made Gecko 9mm gun, one that is not commonly found in the United States. The FBI investigation also provides information about some Los Angeles Police Department officers involved with the case having gang ties. It also reveals details about how they were able to hinder the process of the investigation by not properly documenting or following up on witness statements related to the killing of Christopher Wallace. The FBI also has uncut video footage of the shooting, according to reports.

While most of the information related to the murder has been known by the public, other news did surface through The Vault, along with a spiffy new document reader and a search option, the bureau has uploaded dozens of new files, & material that has previously been processed in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Included in the new offerings are records related to the FBI probe of the murder of The Notorious B.I.G., a case that was closed in 2005 after federal prosecutors declined to pursue charges in the matter. The rapper (real name: Christopher Wallace) was shot to death in Los Angeles in 1997, a murder that remains unsolved.

While the Wallace file provides little news, it does offer one hip-hop curio, the Los Angeles Police Department property report itemizing the Wallace belongings catalogued post-homicide. As seen in this excerpt, evidence gathered by investigators included pot in a plastic baggy; bloodstained Karl Kani jeans (size 48); a pair of size 13 Timberlands; a Bernini sweater (size 54); and a Primatene Mist asthma inhaler.

And, of course, “3 condoms” that an LAPD official reported were “Magnum” and “Larger Size.”

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