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The Saturation of Mixtapes

The Saturation of Mixtapes

In a week span, the internet rap community had deemed March the month of Mixtape Madness. Seemingly every waking moment a Twitter post went up when a rapper dropped a project, acclaimed, nudged to mild skepticism or panned.  Most within the inner circles of blogs, rap pages and zines have pegged this sort of saturation on the general attention deficiency of the listener in recent years but we can also blame that on the artists themselves.

This past week has yielded releases from Pac Div, Dom Kennedy and more while the world (or a section of the hip-hop fanbase pie) waits for a mixtape from suburban hero Mac Miller. It’s the odd sense of dependency on music that we have since the dawn of the mixtape age that has us constantly uploading, downloading, unzipping, transferring and moving files to the point where we hear something and our ears instantly splinter off.

Let the mixtapes & releases live. Stacking mixtapes on top of one another pushes another one down and makes it feel forgotten and there are way too many gems that get lost in the shuffle when the next major tape drops.

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