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Why The Newspaper Industry Collapsed

Why The Newspaper Industry Collapsed

chart of the day, newspapers classified ads revenue 2000-2010, march 2011

Want to know why the newspaper business has collapsed? Look at this chart from Marc Cenedella, CEO of

He shows ad revenue from help wanted classifieds dropping 92% in last 10 years, hitting $723 million last year, down from $8.7 billion in 2000. Once that easy money left the newspaper industry it was a lot harder to earn as much profit.

Cendella says it didn’t have to be this way: “Newspaper executives knew what had to be done to compete successfully in the future but were afraid to upset the people responsible for the past. It was a lack of courage, not a lack of clarity.”



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    “till I collapse” best game ad eva! till the roof come off till the lites go out


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