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JPMorgan Is Making Big Profits From Food Stamps (Feat Bol)

JPMorgan Is Making Big Profits From Food Stamps (Feat Bol)

I couldn’t have said this better than Byron Crawford’s speech below.

Says Bol:

JP Morgan has a deal with the government to issue those EBT debit cards. They make money on each card they issue, so the more people who go on “the welfare,” as it’s referred to in the film Precious, the more money JP Morgan makes.

You’d think there might be a concern that, if JP Morgan gets paid for every person who goes on food stamps, it would be in their best interest if unemployment remains high. They might try to find a way to keep unemployment high. They might place a call to their cousin who’s in charge of keeping the economy fucked the fuck up. That could fuck up the economy for the rest of us, who work for a living. But it might not be necessary. The guy in this clip says that 40% of people on food stamps work for a living, and he sees a lot of growth potential in that segment.

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