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FOH: FBI Stages Huge Mafia Bust In NY

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Word?!? So yall just randomly decided that you were gonna round up some  mobsters huh? So let me ask you this question, where are all the politicians in handcuffs?…And who is gonna pick up the trash in NY and North Jersey now?

The FBI calls it the biggest mafia round-up in New York history. More than 100 suspected mobsters are being arrested this morning in connection with numerous federal investigations into New York area mob groups.

FBI agents along with NYPD and State Police officers, and US Marshals were conducting raids that began in the early morning hours. Federal charges are expected to range from gambling to racketeering to murder.

Law-enforcement officials said members and associates of all five New York mafia families – as well as New Jersey’s DeCavalcante family – are among those being arrested.

The arrest operations stretch across the tri-state area with many of the suspects being processed in Brooklyn.  Attorney General Eric Holder is flying up from Washington to take part in the official announcement.  U.S. Attorneys Loretta Lynch, Preet Bharara along with FBI New York Director Janice Fedarcyk and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly are expected to announce details of the federal charges at an 11 am news conference.

With more than 100 arrests expected, officials said the charges this day surpass the large 2008 mafia raids where 80-plus suspected members of organized crime were charged. 

At that time, John ‘Jackie the Nose’ D’Amico and other reputed leaders of the Gambino crime family were targeted in the U.S. while Italian authorities conducted simultaneous raids on mafia groups there.

FBI officials have said organized crime is still active in New York’s construction industry.  Labor union corruption, loansharking and gambling among the other schemes run by the mob.  

FBI officials did officially confirm the arrests. 

“Early this morning FBI Agents along with our law enforcement partners began arresting over 100 organized crime members for various criminal charges,” said Diego Rodriguez of the FBI New York office. “Additional information will be available at the U.S. Attorney’s offices later today.”

Officials said significant leaders and associates of the Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese, Bonanno, Colombo and DeCavalcante families among those being arrested.


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    FOH: FBI Stages Huge Mafia Bust In NY


  3. January 20th, 2011 12:02

    @IAmNotARapper58: FOH: FBI Stages Huge Mafia Bust In NY


  4. January 20th, 2011 12:02

    @IAmNotARapper58: FOH: FBI Stages Huge Mafia Bust In NY



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