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IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Coon

IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Coon

IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Coon – A coon is a black actor or actress, who takes roles that stereotypically portrays black people. They think theyve made it but they are slaves to the same images. A.k.a sellout
It comes from the term baracoons (a cage), where they used to place Africans, who were waiting to be sent to America to be slaves. They had no idea of this, so some of them were even eager waiting in the baracoons.

Examples- Roles or advertisements where black people:
-play basketball
-rap about a product
-are obsessed with money or chicken
-have a lot of video hoes
-have names that show that they are black (kwame, darnel, any two capital letters (JT, TJ, AJ, TC, JJ), any female name ending in a “qua”,

excessively use old terms we made up like
-woo wee
-bling bling
-im da man, you da man
-thats wack yo
-or anyterm that white people have begun to acknowledge, use and accept.
-(I hope you get the idea- this happens everyday)

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Ex 1:

 Black guy on commercial or in movie: Woo wee! Boy do I love me some chicken, where da Koolaid at?

Person watching: What a coon!

Ex 2:

Tyler Perry as “Madea” – You wont see me in a church until they add a smoking section

Person watching – Such coonery…

More picture below…


^Just because you buried the chain in a casket doesnt mean that you arent a coon for purchasing it

Coonery has no color…





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