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Texas Sells Infant Blood, Second Lawsuit Filed

Texas Sells Infant Blood, Second Lawsuit Filed

Beginning in 2002, Texas began saving blood samples collected from infants tested for birth defects.

The Texas Civil Rights Project filed suit in 2009 over a claim blood samples were improperly collected and stored without parental consent and samples were used for scientific research. A settlement was reached later that year which led to the promised destruction of over 5 million blood samples.

An new suit has been filed which seeks to recover and destroy samples that were allegedly sold to pharmaceutical companies and/or used by Armed Forces for genetic research. Compensation of $1,000 per blood sample sold is also sought from Health Commissioner David Lakey. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of two parents who believe their child may have been a victim of the state sponsored blood theft.

Jim Harrington, Civil Rights Project director, estimates almost 9000 samples were improperly sold but cautions that may be a conservative number. Harrington also believes the revenue collected from the sales total more than $300, 000.

Parents are rightly outraged by this deliberate deception with more than 38,000 demanding the immediate destruction of samples. One parent asserted concerns over a national DNA database could be the endgame for this type of nefarious data collection effort.

This is yet another example of our elected officials and private service agencies working in concert to profit from the lies they feed the unsuspecting public. As a parent myself, I no longer trust anything ‘officials’ promise. It is obvious they have ulterior motives for all actions in this case and so many others. Many people are waking up to this type of medical tyranny and saying no to needless blood samples, vaccines, and body scans.



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