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Willie D of the Geto Boys Sentenced To One Year In Prison For Selling iPhones

Willie D of the Geto Boys Sentenced To One Year In Prison For Selling iPhones

Willie D, a rap icon from The Geto Boys, has been sentenced to one year and a day in federal prison after he was convicted on wire fraud charges stemming from the false sale of Apple iPhones.

Willie D, real name William Dennis, was caught in a sting operation in May 2009 after fronting a company called Texas One Wireless and selling purported iPhones, but never sending the product to customers, according to an FBI report.

United States Attorney José Angel Moreno and FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard C. Powers made the announcement late afternoon on November 2.

Willie D was sentenced at a hearing before United States District Court Judge Gray Miller who committeed the rapper to 12 months and one day in federal prison.

In court, Willie D admitted to acting as an electronics salesman via eBay.

Willie D was ordered to pay $194,087.17 in restitution, the amount that 35 people were scammed between September of 2008 and April 2009.

Willie D is presently on bond until a prison facility is determined for him.

The rapper was originally arrested on May 13, 2009 after returning to the United States from a business trip.

A native of Houston, Willie D is a gold and platinum selling artist from the Geto Boy and is a pioneer that brought Southern Hip-Hop to national prominence in the late 80’s though the 90’s.


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