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IAmNotADictionary Phrase Of The Day: Status Orgasmus

IAmNotADictionary Phrase Of The Day: Status Orgasmus

Status  Orgasmus (sustained orgasm) – is an orgasmic state lasting twenty seconds to one minute. These orgasms may start with a 2-to-4-second “spastic contraction” and last 20 to 60 seconds all told–and if that isn’t nine times the pleasure, it’s definitely in the ballpark.

Masters and Johnson published the chart for one woman who experienced a 43-second orgasm in which one can count at least 22 successive contractions. Depressed? Hey, it gets worse. Status orgasmus is usually the result of self-stimulation, but a woman can also experience it at the hands (or whatever) of a suitably skilled lover. Which means that not only can’t you have the ultimate O, if she doesn’t have one, it’s your damn fault.



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