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IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Heka

IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day: Heka

Heka can be loosely translated as “spells” but it also means “Divine utterance” or “ Authorative utterance”. Heka was also the name of the Egyptian Neter (divine aspect or principle) of Magick. Magick is spelt with a k at the end, to distinguish it from stage illusions performed by entertainers. Magick is very real and extremely effective once utilised by those initiated into its secrets. Anyone can learn to become a practitioner of Heka.

In ancient Egypt it was believed that words carried creative power and that through the use of Heka, we could become masters of our life and its path. Heka was a spiritual technology, which was used to realize the spark of Divinity in oneself and experience spiritual growth. Heka can also be used to achieve material goals such as healing, a new job or increased business prosperity etc.

The ancient Egyptian Priests taught that, the Past, Present and Future could be known, and neither Time nor Space could limit the power of the magician. In other words we could literally create our reality through the use of Heka. Divination was also practised in ancient Egypt to divine answers for the community and assist in spiritual growth. Divination was one of the branches of Heka and was seen as a magickal ability. As a priest of Heka, I often Divine for others and myself in order to establish whether a decision or action is based on sound judgement (wisdom) and in the spirit of Ma’at (spiritual integrity) or not. This is one of the best reasons for having a divination in order to avoid possible pitfalls and mistakes.

It was also believed that the Neter Ra gave mankind Heka (magick) to “avert the blows of fate” (i.e. to overcome obstacles).

We always have choice and free will – this is a divine right given to us by the Creator, the source of all that is and the source of ONE-NESS and ALL LOVE. Egyptians call this source of ONE-NESS by many names and recognises that this ONE-NESS has many faces and attributes. In ancient Egypt this was referred to as the “One and the Many” or the Neteru (plural). The word Neter (male singular) or Neteret (female singular) has been wrongly translated as god/goddess. Egyptians do not have more than 2000 gods/goddesses, no! They believed in One Creator being with many faces or aspects known by various names such as Osiris, Isis, Anubis and Thoth etc. These are all different frequencies of the one! It is like having one radio with many stations to tune into, each different yet still only one radio.

We are not adrift on the ocean of life being blown helter and skelter by the winds of fate and circumstance without having any control unless we choose to live our life this way by giving our power (which is our Divine birthright) away. Heka teaches us how to use our Divine birthright, which is Heka (the use of magick), to grow and prosper spiritually. This must however always be done in total Love, Compassion and in Ma’at (Spiritual Integrity)

Ma’at is a word that embodies integrity, balance, order, justice, truth and cosmic law. Ma’at is also the name of an Egyptian Neteret. The Neteru of ancient Egypt are as alive and relevant today as in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Heka teaches us the power of our dreams



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