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IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day – Mediaopoly

IAmNotADictionary Word Of The Day – Mediaopoly
(Noun) 1. A term used to describe when the media is owned and controlled by a few large corporations.
2. A conspiracy theory, in which, the media conglomerates can limit what you see on TV, hear on the radio and read in newspapers, magazines and books.
3. A SNL skit wrote by Robert Smigel. The skit is a parody to “School House Rock.” This “Conspiracy Theory Rock” is about the media-opoly going on in the US. The skit features GE, Westinghouse, Time warner, Fox, and Disney as the media gaints. It was aired 3/14/1998 on NBC,which is owned by GE, once and it was cut out of all the reruns.
1. “I heard the FCC let Time warner and AOL merge; now they are the largest media giant out there with a net worth of $165 billion. That’s what I call a mediaopoly.” said Holly.
2. “You’re crazy, Holly! Just because media conglomerates are real, that doesn’t mean they control the news and popular culture. A mediaopoly. Ha! Whats next UFOs?” retorted Kyle.
3. “I can’t believe that the mediaopoly skit was ever aired on TV to begin with” Paul said in
whimsical voice.


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