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Are You REALLY Surprised?!?: Will.I.Am Criticized For Wearing ‘Blackface’ At VMAs

Are You REALLY Surprised?!?: Will.I.Am Criticized For Wearing ‘Blackface’ At VMAs

Peace. Im not gonna spend alot of time on this but as we all know Will.I.Am is a coon. No room to debate that or to even want to. Fact is fact.  Actually, according to Thugnificent & President Obama, hes also a d*ckrider.

(Download: Wil.I.Am featuring Thignificent – “Dick Riding Obama )

No room to debate that either. The VMAs is a stage for coonery & buffoonery. No room to debate that. So if you put a coon in black face on the coon stageshow (VMAs)…whats the problem?

You didnt mind when T-Pain put on a top hat and coon danced all across america…or when Rick Ross put on Rick Roll’s suit (no tight suit pun intended) and tricked you into thinking hes Rick Ross 

I even like this guy ^ more than I like William Leonard Roberts “Rick Ross”

or even when Lil Wayne kissed baby on 106 & Park Live.

You people nitpick at the WRONG stuff. This matters, but not as much as all the other stuff I named above. (Especially that Baby/Wayne kissing thing, yall REEEALLY dropped the ball on that one…*pause*)

 So because Will.I.Am is an overt coon and they are covert coons he gets crucified? I dont particulary like Will.I.Am (Read As: I dont like but…

I was much more offended by this ^… (and nobody seemed/seems to give a f*ck)…

…than I was by this ^. Will.I.Am looks like a highlighter or sometype of erasable glow in the dark magic marker… *pause*… & lets not even jump into the Nicki pool (#athanku)




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