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Who?!?!?: Petey Pablo Gets Arrested…For Having A Gun…In an Airport…On 9/11

Who?!?!?: Petey Pablo Gets Arrested…For Having A Gun…In an Airport…On 9/11

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Petey, I dont really have anything more to say than you’re an idiot. I dont care if white jesus was chasing you, you tried to carry a gun in an airport in racist North Carolina  on the day that white people (cops especially) are terrified of, and given a license to kill (or beat negros & arabs senseless). If you were somebody less famous (*ahem* Yung Berg*) they wouldve beaten you light skinned. Smarten up. Goodies was like 7 years ago… *looks into future*…Yeah, and thats pretty much it for you.

Rapper Petey Pablo was arrested on Sept. 11 for attempting to get a concealed weapon though security at a North Carolina airport.

Police say that the artist was apprehended at Raleigh-Durham International Airport and booked on weapons charges.

TMZ reports that Pablo was on his way to the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles when the gun was seen in a carry on bag.

Airport security notified police of Pablo’s alleged violation.

Pablo, real name Moses Barrett III, was formally charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon and possession of a stolen firearm.

He has since posted $50,000 and has been freed. He is slated to appear in Wake County Court on September 13.

Airport security  is particularly tight on September 11, due to the nature of the tragic incident that fell the World Trade Center nine years ago.


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