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Young Guru Interview w/ Rap Radar Pts. 1-4

Young Guru Interview w/ Rap Radar Pts. 1-4

Young Guru talks to YN about his start as a DJ in the 90s, Jay asking him to DJ this tour run unexpectedly, choosing to travel with the band to build rapport with them, being the band & Jay’s go-between, and balancing the setlist between the hits & album cuts.

On Monday, Jay-Z’s engineer-turnt-DJ Young Guru stopped by the RR mansion after getting off the plane from NC and celebrating his birthday in Atlanta with 9th Wonder and Young Jeezy.

In the second part of his interview, he responds to Dr. Cornel West’s claim that Jay lost his hunger, his private lifestyle/philanthropy, the freemasonry misconception and Jay expanding the culture. After the jump, he talks about the public’s reception of Blueprint 3, the Beanie Sigel beef and the infamous “Oh Boy” session. In the last part he talks about hackers and the measures he’s taken to protect himself from piracy even though he seems to know the tricks of the trade.

There’s some great insight here from someone who rarely speaks but who’s been around for the past 11+ years and has seen a lot and that clearly knows a lot too. Props to RapRadar



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