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Sean Price Baby Shower & Performance

Sean Price Baby Shower & Performance

Sean Price is about to have a daughter and he’s planning on having a baby shower on March 2nd at Santos Party House. If you’ve ever been invited to one of these, you know that you have to bring a gift. Either some basic shit or something that they registered for:

Sean Price is known for many things. A rapper from Brooklyn, NY, an entrepreneur as the head of Ruck Down Records, a natural-born comedian, father to sons, and the wittiest with a pen right now. One thing Sean Price is not, is a father to a daughter. Come Mid-March that will ALL change as Sean P! is welcoming baby girl SHAUN PRICE into the world.

He’s calling his daughter Shaun Price… lol. Anyway, flyer is after the jump and you have to bring something to get in. He’s dead serious.


Join Sean Price for the first ever Rap Baby Shower & Performance on March 2nd at Santos Party House on 96 Lafayette Street, New York, NY from 7:30PM to 11:30PM

Entry in the form of a baby gift for Sean Price’s unborn daughter OR pay for gifts at Babies R Us registry and bring your receipt.

Registry # is 44767770 or click here to view Sean Price’s Registry Page.

Tickets will NOT be sold for this event. The only way to enter is with a gift or a receipt as proof of a gift.

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  1. February 13th, 2010 11:42

    Are there other versions of this available that I’ll purchase?


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