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Army Specialist Jailed Over Rap Lyrics

Army Specialist Jailed Over Rap Lyrics

An Army Specialist has been thrown in jail, after being accused of making threats against other soldiers in a rap song.

Iraq war veteran specialist Mark Hall was based at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

He’s been in custody since December, charged with “conduct prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the Armed Forces” and for “threatening violence on multiple occasions.”

Hall’s lyrics on a rap song posted to the Internet threatened to kill Colonels, Captain’s, Kernels, E-7’s and above, using his M4 assault rifle.

Officials have charged Hall for “threatening to go on a rampage and attack other soldiers” if he was deployed to Iraq again.

Hall also allegedly mailed a copy of the song to the Pentagon this summer, when he received notice that he would be sent back to the Middle East again for another tour of duty.

According to, Hall belongs to Iraq Veterans Against the War. The antiwar group is attempting to hire James Klimaski, a Washington-based lawyer to represent Scott.

Klimaski said that the allegations against Hall were trumped up and that the Army Specialist’s lyrics should not be taken literally.

Hall was arrested just a month after Army psychiatrist Maj. Malik Hasan Nidal open fired and killed 13 people at a Fort Hood, Texas army base.



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