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Tiger Woods to Donate Hospital for Haiti Relief

Tiger Woods to Donate Hospital for Haiti Relief

Could it be that a lightbulb has finally gone off in the head of someone within the Tiger Woods’ entourage?

Word from here in the states down to the shores of earthquake-ravaged Haiti is that Woods may be preparing to lend his considerable financial muscle to a cause other than assuring the paid-for-silence of all his many paramours.

“Tiger Woods is doing something amazing,” hip hop mogul Russell Simmons wrote on his Twitter page. “Heard he’s to donate a cargo plane with a mobile hospital out there. Keep ur prayers high.”

How ironic that it would take a tragedy of such biblical proportions to humanize arguably the world’s most recognizable athlete. Tiger Woods may not have been seen in public since the night he crashed his SUV into a tree following a late-night quarrel with his wife, but this purported dual act of compassion and contrition could go a long way in taking us back to a time when he was closer to most of our hearts.

For through all his trials and tribulations, Woods is blessed in ways most of us can only imagine. For him to now show empathy for those far less fortune truly illustrates just how much we’re ultimately connected and in need of one another.



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