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#PodcastWednesdays S2, E10 – #DearMama w/ Queen Bea Joyner, Queen Lambert  & Queen Blair

Remember those aliens that attacked our microphones and made it sound weird last season on episode 6 ?? Well...yeah, they came back with a vengeance on this episode soooo bare with us. The show is so good we could'nt scrap it. Why you ask? Because we were graced by the presence of three Queens, 2 ... Read more...

I Am Not A Rapper x Dj Nastee Naj: #ClassicFriday Vol 2. – #ClassicStevieWonder

Welcome back again for another week of #ClassicFriday Amazingness... This week we tackle a legend in his own right. Whether it be for his amazing songwriting ability or for the 1000+ albums he has recorded as well as collaborated on with others. Without further ado ladies, gentleman & other.... Read more...