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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S3, Ep2 – #RightThurr w/@PersiaSound @C_StylezSB & Tierra B

In today's episode we have singer/songwriter/rock artist Ms Persia Sound (@PersiaSound), street poet C Stylez (@C_StylezSB),  & Limu Marketer Tierra B Be sure to Follow Support us: @PodcastWeds @MelissaKSimmons @IAmNotARapper58 @DJNasteeNaj @HeavyAsHeaven84 @PersiaSound @C_StylezSB  ... Read more...

#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, Ep15 w/@JLPisJLPisJLP #IndependenceDay #WCWBF #Season2Finale

Well well well, its you again. I knew I would find you here. You aren't very good at this I see. You cant be hiding if I find you back here every Wednesday at 11:11 am. But you know what, thank you. Thank you very much. You have made these 2 seasons quite enjoyable for us here at #PodcastWednesday... Read more...

#Community – Season 3, Episode 17: Basic Lupine Urology [Full Video]
Comments Off on #Community – Season 3, Episode 17: Basic Lupine Urology [Full Video], 26/04/2012, by in TV, Video

When Annie discovers the study group's yam experiment smashed to smithereens on the science lab floor, the group mobilizes to expose the criminal and save their grade. Once Abed and Troy think they have located the perpetrator, the group conducts a "trial," with a reluctant Professor Kane servin... Read more...