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Kaliq (@Kaliq777) Feat Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) – No Future Remix  (prod by @TheeHeatroc & @PriCeLeSsT)

    Kaliq - Pharaoh Music - [The Deluxe Edition] Kaliq Feat Joe Budden - No Future Remix  (prod by @Heatroc & PriCeLeSs) Besides the ever looming cloud called "gangsta rap" that the West will forever be associated with, a new caliber of skill driven MCs are emerging out of th... Read more...

Ancient Egiptian (Egyptian) Al-chemy and Science

The ancient Egyptians had many advanced scientific technologies, with much being found in picture form and in three-dimensional models throughout Egypt. Themes reflecting scientific knowledge and achievement can be found throughout the world in various ancient civilizations. These teachings seemed... Read more...