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(Update) Jay-Z: “On To The Next One” Masonic Symbolism Explained

> Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One” has many people wondering what’s the meaning behind the creepy images. The best way to understand the imagery is to understand the occult context in which they are used. This article takes a look at the occult meaning of the symbols found in this video in re... Read more...

Jay-Z Feat. Swizz Beatz – On To The Next One (Video Official)

Jay-z's newest illuminati ritual On To The Next One Feat The newest member a.k.a. Alicia Keys new b*tch Swizz BeatzRelated External LinksJakk Frost Feat Chic Raw & Kre Forch – Dirty Rotten (Video) | I AM ...Beyonce' – Year Of 4 (Full Video) | I AM NOT A RAPPERChic Raw – Red Light (... Read more...