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The Video The Pentagon Never Wanted The Public To See

War is a known entity in its capacity to warp the value of life for those involved. Dehumanization takes many forms, but few examples are more visceral and enraging than this leaked video of an Apache helicopter opening fire on a group of Iraqi civilians in 2007, at least two of whom turned out to... Read more...

Israeli Military Calls Off Raid After Soldier Posts Details

(CNN) -- The Israel Defense Forces called off a raid after one of its combat soldiers posted information about the operation, including the time and place, on Facebook, the IDF said Wednesday. "On Wednesday, we are cleaning up (the village). Today - arrest. On Thursday, God willing, we will b... Read more...

An Open Letter To David Icke – Have you heard about Puerto Rico?

Mr. David Icke, I really appreciate your concern about things that are happening in the world and for keeping us informed. I have to ask you... Have you heard about Puerto Rico? Did you know it is a place where extremely strange things have been happening since the begining of the 1900's? It w... Read more...