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#PodcastWednesdays – S4,E1 – #MCHG, #Yeezus, #TheGifted, #BornSinner Oh My! [Season 4 Premiere]

Annnnd we’re back! Season: Four, Episode: One - #MCHG, #Yeezus, #TheGifted, #BornSinner Oh My! [Season 4 Premiere] - The Podcast Wednesdays crew had an engaging album review session about Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail as well as Wale's The Gifted and J. Cole's Born Sinner with Sëla (MJ H... Read more...

IAmNotARapper x @DJQlassick x @ClintColey #ClassicFriday Vol22 RuffRydersVsCashMoneyVsRocafella

SO every month, Clint Coley and myself do the official "Chill, Its Just Jokes" mixtapes. Clint usually schemes an idea and I run w/ it...but this one right here? #EPIC arguably the 3 GREATEST crews or Dynasties of their era. Cash Money Records...Juve, BG, Lil Wayne, Turk, Mannie Fresh, Birdman..... Read more...

The Truth Behind Your Favorite Artists: The Industry Exposed Part 53 – 60

   These are the latest videos from the most talked about viral video series since The Evolution Of Dance. Above is part 53, below are parts 54 - 60. If you aren't up to speed on what the series is, Pimp B (son of Public Enemy's Professor Griff) has researched & compiled videos & audio ... Read more...