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Guest Blog:When Did The Word “Nigger” Become Trendy…Deep Thoughts Via A Flash Blog By Eric Blair

  Nigger A member of any dark-skinned people. Extremely disparaging and offensive; a Black person, a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible inferior, ignorant, etc. A victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by Blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or soc... Read more...

Who?!?!?: The “Legend” Of Johnny Rebel

Johnny Rebel is the pseudonym of Cajun country musician Clifford Joseph Trahan (born October 3, 1938), also known as Pee Wee Trahan. Trahan has used this pseudonym most notably on racist recordings issued in the 1960s on J. D. "Jay" Miller's Reb Rebel label of Crowley, Louisiana. Johnny Rebel is ... Read more...