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6 Events that Shifted the Online Marketing Landscape in 2010

The marketing industry was rocked in 2010 by an influx of significant events that changed the way we do business. The following list is my picks for the 6 Events that Shifted the Online Marketing Landscape in 2010. 1) Net Neutrality and the FCC’s rulings Net Neutrality isn’t sexy enough to... Read more...

Facebook Ready to Introduce New Location Service, Analysts Say

Facebook Inc. introduced a service that makes it easier for users to share their whereabouts with other people, making a deeper push into a fast-growing market pioneered by Foursquare Labs Inc. The feature, called Places, is aimed at helping users of the social network find friends and disclose... Read more...

Privacy Salience and Social Networking Sites

Reassuring people about privacy makes them more, not less, concerned. It's called "privacy salience," and Leslie John, Alessandro Acquisti, and George Loewenstein -- all at Carnegie Mellon University -- demonstrated this in a series of clever experiments. In one, subjects completed an online sur... Read more...