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The “Accidental” Govermnent Murder Of Michael Hastings

  Acclaimed reporter Michael Hastings died tragically when his car crashed and burst into flames over a week ago. The mysterious accident has already led to talk of the conspiracy theory variety, as Hastings had been investigating stories related to the CIA and NSA prior to his death. Now WikiLeak... Read more...

#PCW: #ABELive w/@Change_Makers @Lindoyes @DrewMills_ @Jasmine_PR @MaatFashion @AmekajiApparel @SaveShirley

Welcome back... not in the Ma$e way. This week we have the best moments from our live broadcast from the monthly networking event Arts, Beats, & Eats which was held on May 6th, 2012. We interviewed Shaheed Rucker of Changemakers Non Profit Organiuzation, Hip Hop- artist Drew Mills, Spoken Word... Read more...