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Jay Electronica (@JayElectronica) To Marry Into The Rothschild Dynasty? Genius!

Jay Electronica may be missing from Hip Hop, but he's making progress in his love life. The Louisiana rapper has been dating British heiress Kate Rothschild for quite some time now, following her very public split from billionaire Ben Goldsmith. After almost a year, Rothschild and Goldsmith fina... Read more...

The Romney-Koch Handshake: Network TV Misses Revealing Moment Between Nominee & Billionaire at RNC [Video]

When Mitt Romney walked down the aisle toward the stage Thursday night, among the people whose hands he shook was the conservative billionaire and major political donor David Koch. But it was a moment missed by the tens of millions of viewers at home. While Democracy Now! was there on the floor ... Read more...

Is Warren Buffet Scared Of Jay-Z?…Or Is Jay-Z Scared Of Warren Buffet? (UPDATED)

  Wow Words... A picture is worth a thousand of them Guess Jay-z finally made that billion he's been talking about...  Jay-Z - Grammy Family Freestyle (October 30th 2006 @Hot 97w/Funkmaster Flex)   Warren Buffet is thinking: "Who let this nigger get a billion dollars? First the mexican,... Read more...