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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, E9 w/@ToxBurner – #TheBurnerSession

#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, E9 w/@ToxBurner –  #TheBurnerSession
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Yup Yup Yup. A wise man named President Barack Hussein Obama (or “Obama” as the news media refers to him) once said “If I had a podcast… it would sound like #PodcastWednesdays …”… or something like that. Welcoem back for another weekly escape from the norm. This week out guest co-host is MBMMC recording artist ToxBurner (@ToxBurner). Tox sat down with us as he prepares to release his first mainstream project from his series The AN.U.B.I.S. Chronicles: “Til Death Do Us Part 1” [EP]. Listen in as Tox gives us his most personal interview yet…


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This weeks musical interludes provided by: …. Tox Burner

1. Tox Burner – Why We Live To Die

2. Tox Burner – Power Of Thought

3. Tox Burner – Let It Be Known Feat E.Ness & Produkt

4. Tox Burner – Someone Save Us

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