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[EVENT] Bigger & Better: The 2nd Annual Ujima Awards Ceremony

[EVENT] Bigger & Better: The 2nd Annual Ujima Awards Ceremony
The 2nd Annual Ujima Award Celebration

Existing throughout communities, unsung heroes are committing noble acts of courage with little recognition or acknowledgement. The Ujima Awards presents, for the second year, a ceremony honors the loyalty and dedication of change agents with a focus on males in our communities. In regards to the ceremony, Co-Founder, Lauren Jackson stated, “Aristotle once stated that ‘excellence is not an act but a habit’, we are striving to continue the developing a habit of excellence by thanking, saluting, and supporting the community through the Ujima Awards.” 

The individuals honored are a direct reflection of collective work and responsibility; the definition of Ujima. These selfless persons are committed to building and maintaining urban communities throughout New Jersey and New York. In addition to award recognition  the celebration will consist of an array of community performances.

The Honorees for the 2013 awards ceremony are the following individuals:
Award for Political Activism: Councilman Ras Barka
Award for Community Excellence: UIH Family Partners
Award for Youth Involvement: Chionesu Bakari
Award for Professional Development: Baruti K. Kafele

In efforts to reach its fullest potential, communities much celebrate and encourage those who continue to make it a better place for the individuals who reside in it. Sean Christopher, Co-Founder of Ujima Awards, stated “I believe it is imperative, as an African American male leader in the community, to acknowledge those males who have paved the way as well as those traveling the paths with me. In 2012 we laid the foundation as a pillar in the communities and we want to ensure we uphold that position.”

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About Ujima Awards:

Titled after the third principle of Kwanzaa, Ujima, meaning collective work and responsibility, this ceremony is a celebration of individuals as well as organizations for their relentless and selfless service to build and maintain communities throughout New Jersey. We set aside this time to honor the loyalty and dedication of change agent in our community. In addition, we want to recognize their commitment to personifying and resolving the tribulations of the individuals.The evening will consist of community performances along with award recognition of four individuals/organizations.


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