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US Troops STILL Fighting in Iraq

Less than 2 weeks after President Obama declared an official end to US combat efforts in Iraq, American troops have been involved in several gun battles with Iraqi insurgents.

On Sunday US troops aided Iraqi soldiers as they clashed with insurgents northeast of Baghdad. There were no American casualties, but 1 Iraqi soldier, an Iraqi police officer and 1 insurgent lost their lives in the battle. 10 others were wounded.

This is the 2nd time the American military has had to engage insurgents since the end of combat efforts were declared. The post-combat fighting has some people concerned, but military officials have released little information revealing the extent of US troop involvement in the clashes.

1 American military spokeswoman said Sunday in an email to the NY Times that she was awaiting “releasable information.” Another said, American soldiers had provided “suppressive fire” for Iraqi troops in a counter-assault.

According to the NY Times, Isam Shakar Mizher, a member of the security committee of the Diyala Provincial Council, said Iraqi forces sought help from American helicopters after being unable to locate the snipers.

“This support was necessary to deal with some of these targets,” Mr. Mizher said.

Since September 1, when the last of US combat troops left Iraq, the goal of the remaining soldiers has been to train Iraqi security forces and aid the country’s rebuilding process. 50,000 US troops are still stationed in Iraq and are expected to remain there until fall 2011.


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