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Scarface Not Feeling VH1’s “Dirty South” Hip-Hop Honors Tribute (Audio)

I regret to inform you that I will not be attending the dirty south hip hop honors that’s an insult to us DIRTY SOUTH huh????smh @vh1Thu May 13 09:48:00 via Echofon

Scarface called into the HoodHype Show last night to express his displeasure with VH1 for the “Dirty South” label that has been applied to their upcoming Hip-Hop Honors tribute to Southern MCs. Now, Scarface is probably my favorite Southern MC ever, but I’m not sure I understand his beef. He says he doesn’t appreciate being called “dirty” but at the same time he says he never had a problem with the Dungeon Family’s popularization of the term. I guess it’s one of those we-can-refer-to-ourselves-as-such-but-don’t-you-dare type of things. LOL @ this all of a sudden being an issue. But then again it’s fucking Scarface, dude has earned the right to feel however the fuck he wants.

Propers to JMack for sending this over.



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