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Jay-Z on BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

In order for hip-hop to have sustained careers like a Bono or these huge rockstars, we have to stretch the audience. It can’t be a young man’s game. It has to be a genre of music.” (5:10)

Jay-Z hit up Jonathan Ross’ show while in London for the Brit Awards.

He talks about his relationship with Obama (2:50), Obama listening to Blueprint in the gym when Jay called to congratulate his Democratic nomination (3:25), and says that he’s been invited to the White House repeatedly but hasn’t been able to attend because of touring. (3:05.)

After that, he talks about staying relevant in rap at 40 years old (5:05) and describes his 40th party in the Dominican Republic (6:05), where Diddy was running around with the mic saying “take that, take that” [*dead*] (7:00). He also jokes about being the true creator of Beyonce’s “uh, oh” and “Single Ladies” dance (9:10).

Miss Info typed up a through transcription of the highlights here.



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