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Kodak Wins Over Apple In Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Kodak Wins Over Apple In Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Kodak has won another battle in its ongoing legal wars with Apple over digital camera patent infringements.

International Trade Commission Judge Robert Rogers declared on Thursday that Kodak’s digital camera technology does not infringe upon Apple’s patents. According to Bloomberg, that ruling asserted that ”neither of the two patents in Apple’s case before the ITC were being infringed, and one of the patents is invalid.” Apple reportedly claimed that those technologies were being used illegally in Kodak’s Z-series, M-series, C-series, and Slice cameras.

However, Kodak’s work with the ITC isn’t done yet. After a full review of Rogers’s ruling, an official decision will be handed out on September 19. Not to mention that Kodak already has some extra timely legal woes involving the Cupertino company.

Kodak previously lost out to Apple (and RIM) in a different lawsuit about digital cameras in mobile phones earlier this year. However, the road turned for Kodak in late March when it won the following round in the patent dispute. A final decision for that case is expected on May 23.


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