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Eric Blair Presents – Daily Knowledge: Nat Turner (Day 18)

Eric Blair Presents – Daily Knowledge: Nat Turner (Day 18)

Nat Turner was an American slave who led a slave rebellion in Virginia on August 21, 1831 that resulted in 56 deaths among their victims, the largest number of white fatalities to occur in one uprising prior to the American Civil War in the southern United States. He gathered supporters in Southampton County, Virginia. Turner’s killing of whites during the uprising makes his legacy controversial. For his actions, Turner was convicted, sentenced to death, and executed. In the aftermath, the state executed 56 Blacks accused of being part of Turner’s slave rebellion. Two hundred Blacks were also beaten and killed by white militias and mobs reacting with violence. Across Virginia and other southern states, state legislators passed new laws prohibiting education of slaves and free Blacks, restricting rights of assembly and other civil rights for free Blacks, and requiring white ministers to be present black worship services.

About Mr. Blair

Eric Blair was born in August of 1984 in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in the North Philly section of the city. He has always enjoyed stories, schemes, and the complexities of plots. At a young age he discovered that he could create narratives full of adventures, creativity, and intrigue. It was this realization that caused him to fall in love with the art of storytelling. At age of twenty-one Eric began writing comic books. His first professional book “Hip-Hop Chronicles” was written for Space Dawg Entertainment in 2004. Eric’s writing style ranges from descriptive to expository writing, where the writing serves to explain and inform the audience. He uses thoroughly developed characters, clever situations, and witty conversation style and tone to keep readers engaged. Eric is inspired by authors who can evoke an emotional response from the reader, as well as authors who can blend elements of fact with fiction to construct a great piece. Eric is currently working on a series of comic books that are soon to be published, his recent writings have been guest featured on several online blogs. He works on perfecting his craft by consistently updating his work, editing pieces, reviewing the latest relevant material, and surrounding his self with like minded, creative, intelligent people.


  1. September 10th, 2011 0:45

    This next dancer been dancen since the underground railroad back when kunta kinte was a pimp in slavery …Damn dat HO been shakin some ass


  2. August 23rd, 2011 1:15

    when was the underground railroad founded?…………during slavery?


  3. February 18th, 2011 13:00

    #IAmNotARapper Eric Blair Presents – Daily Knowledge: Nat Turner (Day 18)


  4. February 18th, 2011 13:00

    #IAmNotARapper: Eric Blair Presents – Daily Knowledge: Nat Turner (Day 18)



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