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People’s Tribunal Against Police Brutality and Misconduct

Self Scientific – Peaceful (Justice for Oscar) f. Freddie Gibbs & Krondon

Saturday, January 15,2011 11am-4pm

Songhai City- 3117 Master St. in Philadelphia, Pa

MISSION STATEMENT: The People’s Tribunal is the outgrowth of The Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality (ACAPB), a collective of community members, organization affiliates, and activists brought together in support of assault victim Askia Sabur.  We are united in the interest of eliminating the scourge of unlawful practices and offences committed by law enforcement officers against citizens. As such, ACAPB developed The People’s Tribunal as a platform for community members and victims of police brutality to speak out and be involved in the legal process to address these concerns.

The mission of The People’sTribunal is to:

1)  Inform and educate people on their basic, civil, and human rights.

2)    Provide an outlet for victims of police brutality and misconduct to report such offenses via testimony and the filing of formal complaint documents;

3)    Pressure city, state, federal, and international institutions and officials to stop unlawful practices of law enforcement officers and end all oppressive procedures such as “Stop and Frisk” and..

4)    Pursue legal action against law enforcement officials and their affiliates who engage in these unlawful practices.

VISION STATEMENT The vision of the People’s Tribunal is to create an environment in which the misuse of power and the violation of human rights by those whose duty it is to protect the rights of all United States citizens are eradicated; so that residents can safely commune in their neighborhoods without the fear of being harassed and brutalized by law enforcement officials, scrutinized by oppressive procedures, and denied the right to fair judiciary processes.

Special Invited Guests:

  • Progressive Lawyer’s Guild Suing NYPD over “Stop and Frisk” Tactics
  • Councilman Curtis Jones (Philadelphia City Council )
  • Councilman Curtis Jones (Philadelphia City Council)
  • Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell(Philadelphia City Council District 3)
  • Ramona Africa, Survivor of May 13, 1985 police bombing and plaintiff in murder case vs. City of Philadelphia.

    Join the Askia Coalition Against Police Brutality!  Attend weekly Community Meetings on Mondays at 6pm at 5301 Media St.  For information call 267-231-9639; visit; or email:


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