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Birdman Covers Ozone Magazine/Disses R. Kelly

Birdman Covers Ozone Magazine/Disses R. Kelly


Ozone [via RR] put up their next issue’s cover story.

Birdman answers questions about about his ‘Browner Oil’ oil company, the oil rig tat on the side of his head (see after the jump,) Drake writing for Lil Wayne rumors, and R. Kelly:

Probably the worst investment I did was fuckin’ with R. Kelly. That was a waste of my time. I could’ve made money if I wasn’t fuckin’ with that clown-ass nigga.

In case you forgot, (thank your brain if you did,) back in 2003, R. Kelly had the brilliant idea to team up with Birdman for—wait for it—Best Of Both Worlds II. Luckily for us, they shelved it.

That probably explains why Lil Wayne dissed R. Kelly twice in April ‘07.

Once on Drought 3’s ‘Reppin’ Time Freestyle’ (“Just shot a video with R. Kelly but no homo though/ really didn’t wanna do it but I fuck with TS and Fat Joe-jo though.”)

And then again on I Can’t Feel My Face’s ‘Bad Side’ (“And I believe that I can fly/ not like R. Kelly, he a damn lie.”)

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